Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Relationship Guru

   Today I realized I am three months removed my latest relationship.  I would think that would be plenty of time to regroup and begin dating yet I am completely apathetic to the process.   Three years ago I was an avid and ambitious dater and an unmotivated and timid attorney. Now, I am an aggressive and prolific attorney and completely uninterested in dating. My priories have flip-flopped.  I have met some intelligent, cultured and candid women but I remain uninterested in them romantically.  I know that I am not homosexual. I have regrets in my last relations but I am not jaded. I am career driven but able to step aside from work to enjoy life. So what's the problem?  Self-diagnosis- On a much need break after four straight years of relatively continuous courtships. 
 My current  lack of dating interest is not without advantages.  In the last three months I have began to view relationships objectively.  I can observe relationships without instantly comparing them to my own. It is easy to accomplish this feat not consumed by my own co-habitation and not bias from my own sense of relationship superiority.  I had become egocentric in my relationship, and viewed other couples in a subjective and unfounded moral vacuum. Furthermore, with clear eyes, I am able to analyze what I want out of my next relationship, even if I am not ready to practically apply these skills. 
   Having this view gives me the ability to confidently give others advise as I observe their situations from the outside looking in. I can emphatically self-title myself a relationship guru. I admit I am currently comparable to the person that writes a relationship book but has been divorced three times, only on a much smaller scale.   I've been in this similar situation before but I continue to find it difficult to apply the principals I have learned as a casual observer in my own life.  In the past, I would jump into situations without any conscious consideration for long term ramifications. I admit to being disappointed in my lack of interest in dating but I hope that it can be both an advantageous and profound adventure.  Maybe it is the much needed break I need to finally get over the personal mistakes I have previous made.


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