Thursday, October 25, 2012

The road blog of a want to be young fuck.

San Diego was an afterthought on this  my first trip to California.  I wanted to have the LA experience,  walk the sunset strip and be a tourist. Three days after arrival, I am considering staying the length of my trip  here.  Generally when I travel, I set a goal to see as many things as possible, and jam in as much information as I can process. Today, I am content sitting in a neighborhood coffee shop and watching  people's life in San Diego as the day progresses.  If I had to live a life of routines, having coffee at a street cafe and writing an the the ocean would be an ideal place to start.

Yesterday I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time in my 30+ years. .  I drove the amazing scenic journey down the 5and  stopped several times to write and reflect.  I played latin music the entire trip and  read every sign in both English and Spanish. By the afternoon, I was kayaking in the chilly October water and planning my first surf. I ate fresh fish during the day and chatted with the locals.   Night time, I took in the Gaslamp district and watched baseball for the first time this year. (Giants vs Tigers World Series) 

I retired to bed at 11:30 pm, exhausted, falling asleep while reading emails. Despite what I would consider one the most amazing days of the year, I still felt some sense of guilt for not staying out and experiencing the San Diego nightlife.  For some odd reason, I still dread fielding questions regarding my level of intoxication and juvenile debauchery as I channel my deteriorated 20 some existence.   Maybe this is merely the male, want to remain young fuck I have left being but will always remember. 

Call it a mini interview

Let's start this morning off with the most rudimentary of suburban fantasy. Every single person that has taken a vacation to an exotic place has Inevitably said " I could live here". The problem is the 95% of the people that make this comment, follow that statement up by saying but" it's not realistic".  Well, I have many friends who have done exactly what they said they would do. Friends that moved to the beach, lived overseas, moved to the mountains, and followed their intuition. Will I ever be satisfied with minivacations, seeing snippets of beauty, and submerging myself in history for only a fraction of time? As I sit here and write on the beach gazing at the Pacific ocean, I can't believe that I ever will.

My friend Tom once told me how magnificent It was to wake up on the West Coast, take a surfboard out to the beach, and have the ability to play tennis in 75° weather. I'm realized at a young age that he had the ability to do anything that he wanted with his life. He has traveled the world, lived in many different regions and lived life by his code. While I have traveled, seen many new things, and began experiencing life (after 26), I still prescribed to the notion that I have to return to reality. However, reality is what I have create. If I create the reality that I am supposed to be in one place, conforming to routines than that isa choice that I will have to learn to live with.  But in this moment, I believe will be imprisoning myself  in self-imposed mores. 

In a week full of clich├ęs, it's most easy to say "just do it". If over the next several years I can find solace and comfort in signing  people up for oil and gas leases southern Ohio and I am fine with that. However, I have the feeling that writing a book in France, drinking coffee in London, or learning to speak Spanish in Barcelona, might be more attractive lifestyle. It's one life, one world. I can make any  decision that I want.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Writing on tour.

I must forget the notion that I need to reinvent the wheel when I write.  I am not losing points for using cliches. Nobody is grading this work. There are few people that can change the landscape of the world. The unrealistic pressure that I place upon myself frustrates my purpose.  Months pass by as I label simple thoughts as unworthy of being reduced to writing.  I have previously declared that I am on a journey, yet I still become somber when I lose a race. 
I missed my flight this morning (0cy 22,2012) but there is another leaving soon. I get to watch a second wave of travelers scurry through the airport.  Different  languages are ubiquitous. Alternative life styles are merely alternative. What has made me so uptight, nervous and impatient? 

   I was told that I do not need to make up for getting a late start in life immediately.  Take the opportunities as they present themselves. I cannot see the world in one weekend, but over time I have the opportunity to see whatever I wish to see and do whatever it takes to get my in the right place. 

This week I am going to attempt to blog while I travel for the first time. Not a new concept in the blogging community but a complete new concept for my personal journals.  As thoughts present themselves, I will write them down. unedited. I do not even need to have a pierce of paper and pencil to write anymore nor do I even need to type these words. Technologically has made transcription easy. It just ask us to enter our thoughts on queue when they arrive.