Monday, December 3, 2012

The Last Wednesday

Moments in time act as stepping in stones and I constantly evolve. I am never comfortable but satisfied with direction I have taken and the decision I have made. Overcoming Wednesday was a blog I created several  years ago to assist me in overcoming hardships that plagued my conscious for years.   It was a public forum where I was able to express feelings that I was frightened to convey to anyone outside of a few close friends. 

After about Two years of writing Overcoming Wednesday, conveying myself concisely became habitual and the underlining issues I needed to express seized to appear formidable. The  praise and positive feedback I received from Overcoming Wednesday helped me transcend into adulthood.  Feelings of helplessness and insecurity dissipated and as a surprising byproduct, I actually became a good writer. 

Writing has helped me become open to fresh ideas and given me the realization that I haven't even brushed the surface of my capabilities.   I thought I was living outside the norm when  I was I first moved away to Charlotte because it was atypical of anything I had done at that point in my life.  A few short years later, I find myself immersed in a new language and traveling the world. This is not a product of me purposely trying to make people think that I am different. I do not have the need to convinced anyone or myself anymore.  This a direct result of having discovered who I am and what defines me a person. 

Like any skill, writing takes practice to polish and must be not be neglected.  I have developed an affinity for writing both professionally and about my personal life. I lack shyness, shame or embarrassment regarding the opinions I have expressed or the vulnerabilities I have published. I desire to continue writing on a more consistent basis in a forum that accurately represents my writing purpose. 

Constantly evolve. My best advise is to never be completely satisfied or content. What is the next step? How can you become a better worker,  boyfriend/girlfriend or parent. Becoming complacent will only lead to future regret. Enjoy the learning process as much as the final result. Take a leap and I can only hope that you will be there when I take mine. I have Overcome Wednesday. 

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