Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why Can't this Honeymoon Last Forever?

I am officially coming down off the major high I have riding for the last two month.  Traveling to Europe, returning home, starting a new law practice and becoming single has been purely euphoric. I spent hours writing blogs, posting on Facebook and shouting that I was ready to take on the world. Fast forward two month and the initial excitement has subsided and I'm once again dealing with life's ups and downs with everyone else.  I have been consumed with work that I have neglected to honor many of the promises I made to myself and others prior to moving.  I've reverted back into lingering habits and watched as my strides have regressed.

I yearn for the honeymoon period. The time when my mind is so excited by the existence of a new stimulus that I am overwhelmed with elation.  Whether it's moving to a new place, beginning a relationship or buying a car, the initial enthusiastic moment inevitably leads to sharp moment of decline.  Drug addicts spend years chasing the feeling of their first high, gamblers long for the feeling of scoring an ultimate hand and athletes spend their career chasing a championship.  I am still trying to figure how to cope with coming down and reaching a level a stability.

A quick fix would be an advantageous route. I could easily book a quick flight out of the county, search for jobs in Savannah,  or elicit a relationship on a popular websites.  Unfortunately, I am just smart enough to realize these hasty options are not the answer. Vaccinating though irrational possibilities can only distort my path to stability.   Hedonism is unrealistic and perseverance is necessary. I can ultimately get to the places I fantasized about when I began this honeymoon,  I just need to accomplish them over a sustainable period of time.

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