Thursday, October 25, 2012

The road blog of a want to be young fuck.

San Diego was an afterthought on this  my first trip to California.  I wanted to have the LA experience,  walk the sunset strip and be a tourist. Three days after arrival, I am considering staying the length of my trip  here.  Generally when I travel, I set a goal to see as many things as possible, and jam in as much information as I can process. Today, I am content sitting in a neighborhood coffee shop and watching  people's life in San Diego as the day progresses.  If I had to live a life of routines, having coffee at a street cafe and writing an the the ocean would be an ideal place to start.

Yesterday I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time in my 30+ years. .  I drove the amazing scenic journey down the 5and  stopped several times to write and reflect.  I played latin music the entire trip and  read every sign in both English and Spanish. By the afternoon, I was kayaking in the chilly October water and planning my first surf. I ate fresh fish during the day and chatted with the locals.   Night time, I took in the Gaslamp district and watched baseball for the first time this year. (Giants vs Tigers World Series) 

I retired to bed at 11:30 pm, exhausted, falling asleep while reading emails. Despite what I would consider one the most amazing days of the year, I still felt some sense of guilt for not staying out and experiencing the San Diego nightlife.  For some odd reason, I still dread fielding questions regarding my level of intoxication and juvenile debauchery as I channel my deteriorated 20 some existence.   Maybe this is merely the male, want to remain young fuck I have left being but will always remember. 

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