Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Writing on tour.

I must forget the notion that I need to reinvent the wheel when I write.  I am not losing points for using cliches. Nobody is grading this work. There are few people that can change the landscape of the world. The unrealistic pressure that I place upon myself frustrates my purpose.  Months pass by as I label simple thoughts as unworthy of being reduced to writing.  I have previously declared that I am on a journey, yet I still become somber when I lose a race. 
I missed my flight this morning (0cy 22,2012) but there is another leaving soon. I get to watch a second wave of travelers scurry through the airport.  Different  languages are ubiquitous. Alternative life styles are merely alternative. What has made me so uptight, nervous and impatient? 

   I was told that I do not need to make up for getting a late start in life immediately.  Take the opportunities as they present themselves. I cannot see the world in one weekend, but over time I have the opportunity to see whatever I wish to see and do whatever it takes to get my in the right place. 

This week I am going to attempt to blog while I travel for the first time. Not a new concept in the blogging community but a complete new concept for my personal journals.  As thoughts present themselves, I will write them down. unedited. I do not even need to have a pierce of paper and pencil to write anymore nor do I even need to type these words. Technologically has made transcription easy. It just ask us to enter our thoughts on queue when they arrive. 

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