Sunday, April 17, 2011

IPhone Rehab

   I am going on the record and saying the Iphone is the best invention of all time.  I won't recite a laundry list of why it's such a magnificent invention.  I would be stating what everyone in developed countries already know.  I have heard the argument that people are less intelligent because of their smart phones because they are too dependent on the technology.  I emphatically disagree.  I have unlimited information at my finger tips instantaneously every minute of everyday.  If I don't know what a word means, I look it up, If I need updated on current events, I merely hit a button. I traditionally have been naive to important worldly information.  The Iphone actually makes it nearly impossible to be disconnected or oblivious to anything or anybody.  

   My problem is that I have an iphone addiction. I've become the asshole that is checking email mid-conversation with a co-worker. I can't drive on the highway without the temptation of sending a trivial text message. Social networking has made me dependent on impersonal human interaction. I feel validated by receiving a Facebook post, empowered by posting my location on FourSquare and elated by receiving a reply on 

Unfortunately, I seriously believe I need Iphone rehab. A thirty-day program that will help ween down the obsessive number of times I check the phone. I am unable to last thirty minutes in between checking emails.  I know this because my mail is set to automatically push every thirty minutes. It's a rarity that I actually have a notification that I received an email because I've already intercepted the message.   I need to enjoy a block of time during the weekend where I am not co-dependent on this technology.  The Iphone is a wonderful tool, regrettably it has become an obsession. 

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