Friday, April 15, 2011

Return Post.

   I honestly believed that words would be flying off my keyboard after my break up. Unfortunately, the writing process hasn't been simplistic.  I very well could be in disbelief that my relationship ended so abruptly. I also could have a case of writers rust or simply have nothing to say. Regardless, I am going to push through and get some words down and hopefully my ability to produce new interesting material will return.   I write as a happier person today than when I stopped posting blogs over a year ago.  My cynicism has dissipated and I am more buoyant and cultured. I am still whimsical and neurotic , but hey, I have taken some serious steps.  

I originally entitled my blog "Overcoming Wednesday." This was a direct reference to overcoming depression.  I still fancy the title, but more these days as a symbol of the struggle of overcoming life. 
 Despite the ill fate of my latest romance, I generally feel well.  If this break up had happened when I was 23, 24 or 25, I would have a mental breakdown of Charlie Sheen proportions. I would metaphorically be stuck on Wednesday.  I am a bit somber but mature enough to realize as the initial pain subsides,  I will emerge as a stronger person. 
  I am unclear the boundaries I wish to cross with my blog this time around. For what it's worth, I am an officer of the court, an attorney at law.  I very well may be prosecuting cases soon and I don't want to write blogs that put into question my stability or ability to carry out my profession. However, it is unlikely anyone will want to read a diplomatic, watered down, censored blog.  Not to mention how counter productive that would be to my own growth.  This is an issue I will have to work out of the next several weeks.  Short for now. Hopefully, I get my writing mojo back soon! 

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