Sunday, April 8, 2012

4-6-12 (Dream sequence)

I conjured up an impression in my over analytical mind that she was an enigma. We only spoke a few times and despite her abrasive personality I was intrigued, although my curiosity was unfounded. She appealed to my prurient interest.  With a juvenile mindset, I saw her obvious character flaws as a challenge. I strived to be the person to break through to the other side of her emotional barriers. Although, she lacked minimal qualities,  I still regarded her as being superior. I overlooked her lack of education, dubious morality and false sense of self importance. She treated me with a lack of respect and yet I had become her puppet.  Familiarity reared its ugly head. 

I quickly abided by her every command and laughed at her dull sense of humor.  Her eyes vacillated between gray and black. I listened to her every word as it were the gospel. The conversation never shifted off the subject of her and yet I was delighted as the room thinned out. Let me lie down as you walk upon my weak back. My past failures all came rushing back in an instance yet systematically avoided my conscious mind. What have I become? 

I rubbed her hand gently and feigned that I sympathized with her journey.  Unbeknownst to me, the room was now completed empty  It was now just her and I in her delusional reality.   If we kissed, all the progress I have made would be hastily flushed away.  I could not become weaker, yet moments later,  the unthinkable occurred. With our hands still touching, she loudly farted! I did not mistake the noise for a creek in the chair and there was not a dog in sight to blame.  Surely it was an accident, or a nervous reaction!  Her facial expression never changed in a meager attempt to save face.  

I was finally redeemed. This sexual being that I had pegged superior just farted in the worst possible moment. It was my opportunity to expose her vulnerability. To make her feel human. She was flawed and timid, just like me.  She was insecure in the moment and unable to diffuse this situation.   I looked into her eyes but refrained from bursting into laugher. Instead I muttered the words, "you are so pretty". 

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