Sunday, April 22, 2012

Think Global

Today, I will attempt the unthinkable and the impossible. I am going to write this blog with a massive hangover.  I have avoided shit sandwich days for the most part the last several years.  It's very counterproductive and I am almost ashamed when I miss out on an entire day of learning. I will not allow that to happen today. I have two scheduled Skype sessions in the early afternoon with new acquiescence from France.  I will not let this headache cause me to start new relationships off sour. Furthermore. I have tentative plans to visit my nephews tonight.  I have vowed to establish more of a relationship with my niece and nephews this year. I spoke about not being a good friend a few entires ago. Well, I am not a good uncle. 

Think Global-
 When drafting blogs, I instinctively used to start writing about relationships and the male/female dichotomy. I need a girlfriend. Someone to validate my existence. Poor Mike. Then in 2009, I met someone that I thought was the cure to the issues I was dealing with at the time. For a short time, she was exactly what I was seeking. Then the writing stopped. I forget about  aspirations. Forget about friends. Was this not supposed to be an enhancement. Comfort. It did not have to go that route.  Wow I am glad I did. 

Go to work on yourself Michael.  Learn, communicate, observe. 

Travel has changed my way of thinking.  It has been the most important element in the rewiring process I have undertaken in my life.  Up until the past 18 months, my entire life was confined to Eastern United States and vacation spots. Charleston and Savanna were the first places I went that started to peak my curiosity. (Yes, still in the East) After these trips I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. The place you are supposed to drink, sunbath and forget about life. I wanted to learn about life, not forget it. Sitting on the beach was usurped by guided tours. I'll never forget eating conch on the dock, while watching the boats come in with a fresh supply. Maybe my relationship was on the rocks but I would never take back sharing that moment. 

I was fascinated with the natives and local transplants. I wanted to know everything about them. Where did they come from? How did get there?  What direction are they going? Do their hearts beat and ache like mine? 

Next,  I made the trip to England and Ireland in April. I documented that trip extensively in previous blogs. I began learning about my family history. Why anyone wouldn't want to know their origins is beyond me. Too much pain? No enough? The processes has begun. Do I want this blog to be read by only a few people on Facebook? No, I want to take it with my around the world. Pack it in my suitcase. The internet is amazing. Thank you Al Gore. I now think global. 

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