Saturday, April 7, 2012


No, this blog is not about one of my favorite "Cranberries" songs. Albeit, I have a sense of satisfaction knowing that I associate the word "Dreams" with cheesy 90's Irish pop music and not with subconscious imagery.

For the select and appreciated people that have diligently followed my blog over the last several months or engaged in a snippet of a conversation with me know that I dedicated my life to learning and self improvement in November 2011. It started on a seemingly ordinary night with two friends having dinner in Akron. (See "3 Guys in a Bar") I vowed this time I would not fall victim and become that of the quintessential dabbler. One who only commits to a cause for short time before making a haste exit and moving onto their next half challenge.

Predictable, I came out of the gate at 55 miles per hours. (Homage to the worst rock song of all time) I studied for hours a day, read books and viewed any educational programming my eyes would stay open to watch. I mentally exhausted myself everyday. After a few weeks of intense mental stimulation, I began having the most realistic and vivid dreams I have ever experienced. These dreams were colorful, full of imagination and eventually even spoken in French. Sleeping every night became an adventure. It was almost as titillating as the material I learned throughout the day. My mental state slowly began to change, my energy levels increased and my desire to keep learning thickened.

I procrastinated reducing these dreams to writing because they occurred at such a high rate of regularity. They even took place during short early evening naps. After a few weeks, I accumulated enough information to fill a small book of fantasies. I was living in the movie "The Beach" every night in my alternative reality. The dreams were so clear and conspicuous that I believed I would never forget them. Well, anyone that dreams knows what inevitably happens... After a few weeks, the memories of these profound dreams dissipated as did the actual dreams. Once my brain became accustomed the my newly heightened cognitive schedule, the dreams quickly subsided.

Over the past few weeks, I have again been able elevate my brain capacity to a higher level than when I began my exploration in November. To my delight, dreams have once again commenced. This time, I will not miss the opportunity to transcribed them and attempt to understand their meaning.
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I conjured up an impression in my over analytical mind that she was an enigma. We only spoke a few times and despite her abrasive personality I was intrigued, although my curiosity was unfounded.

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