Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ask this Question.

Better a late bloomer. So what if I am learning life lessons that I missed when I was 25. It's not too late to learn new languages, travel the world and drink and laugh the into the early morning hours. I refuse to conform to traditional thoughts and creeds. It’s a dangerous mentality to think you are different. I am not different nor the same. Get a job, sit in church, get married, have a child, grow old. This is not my path. Traditional lines have blurred. Society constantly evolves, as do I.

I have received great feedback on the blog lately. I have lived in the moment. The concept that has resonated with me over the last few months is that there is a magic solution. I will not be any different when I make big law firm money, when I am dating the perfect women or I visit every country in the world. I cannot say I will be a complete human after I write 150 blogs, a book or seize the need or desire to express myself through this avenue. This blog will never be perfect. It may reach the world or just a few close friends. It will evolve, as do I.

I have taken the time to reach out to several people over the last few weeks including persons who read this blog. I've always been fearful to approach people with my questions because out of fear of appearing weak and inferior. The best leaders ask questions. I wish I had all of the answers to the world, but I only have strong few. I reached out to a friend almost 10 years my junior. It's amazing how much insight is readily available when you are not afraid to seek it. When you trust your instincts you can easily spot strong character. Jealously is detrimental and it's not a matter of pride anymore. It's not a competition to beat the other person; it's a competition to make myself better. (D.D.) It's not about embarrassment. Fear is overburden some. Letting go of emotions and reeling them back, never grasping them too tightly or letting them run frantically.

Phase Shift.

The hardest part about writing this blog is that I want to talk personally about the people that have assisted in reshaping my life over the years, in particular this last year. I refuse to let this blog turn into a self inspirational narrative. I know writing about people personally can come across completely different to that person than intended by the author. I've proceeded with an abundance of caution which unfortunately contradicts everything I have been pontificating. I watch out fpr my friends though as I know that have taking care of me. I wrote about my friend Jesse last year and the entry was one of the most rewarding works I have ever produced. My sister, my attorney mentor, my Euro/American friends, my cousins, my introspective friend, my fellow Cleveland blogger, the Stooges and my Charlotte connections, just to name a few, have all played integral parts in this process over the least year. Maybe with their consent, I will be able to use to help change the focus in the future of "Overcoming Wednesday".


  1. Mike, I really enjoy reading your blog, and in most regards we are in the same boat at the same point in our lives (especially so since we were born on the same day).
    I am about to undertake a massive overhaul in my life over the next few months that is long overdue, and much of my inspiration comes from you. I am starting to live my life by the phrase "Break The Pattern". It take some of us alittle longer to find our place on this Earth and to see what really make us happy.

  2. Hey Grant!
    It's very cool for me to get messages like this. A few years ago I just writing to vent some frustration and now It has become part of my identify. Jesse has told me about what you are getting ready to do. Another guy from Lake is going through something similar as well. I think it's awesome! We are lucky to have the ability to make the decision to do the things that make us happy. I applaud you for making this decision. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you. I am looking forward to getting together this summer.

    I love "Breaking the Pattern". It's a great motto. I have been going as far as doing things like sleep on the other side of the bed or on the couch a few nights a week. We stop evolving when we become comfortable and that scares me more than anything.