Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just an update

I have made he mistake of thinking I need to come up with something inspiration, life changing or comical every time I write. I am going to spend a few moments today merely writing for myself. I have developed and insatiable personality. A normal typical day is never enough and I perpetually feel the need for a light bulb moment everyday. This is to serve as a reminder that everyday is not Christmas, or in my life,  Halloween. I have a great deal of incredible events planned that can adequately serve as inspiration to getting through these average days.

March 16-18


I will finally get a chance not only to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with my best friend Richard from Charlotte, but I will actually finally get visit Chicago. I've been moved by big cities my entire adult life but never have visited the one major city that is practically in my back yard. Last year I spent St. Patrick's Day in Savannah and in what  turned out to be the last meaningful time I spend with my ex girlfriend. Looking back it was pretty apparent the relationship was headed downhill at the time. I didn't get to party it up  and celebrate my partial Irish heritage bur I am still very grateful for getting to say goodbye to that time period  in one of the most beautiful and historic cities in America.

April 21

"The Raffle"

My Dad has sponsored a reverse Raffle for the Lake Athletic Booster Club many years. I have gone for probably the last 7 of them. It's always a special night because I get to see my father at his best and see people I do not associate with regularly. My great friend and college roommate and his girlfriend go every year and it always turns out to be memorable. This year it just happens to fall on my 30th birthday. My mentoring attorney/friend will also be there this year. I will write more about how this person has changed my life in the future.

May 12-19


It took me 29 years to fly overseas and now it has only taken me 13 months to go back. I planned the flight and accomodations for the trip mostly on credit card points. I probably would have held off knowing that I will be struggling funding the rest of the trip. However, last year so profoundly changed my worldly perspective that I feel it's worth it. Anything that allows me to grow personally I consider an investment. This year I will be spending time in London with someone special that I met online from England. I feel that spending sometime in England with a native will enhance my experience. I will also be spending 3 days in France. I have prepared by studying French for months in preparation. It should be interesting to say the least. Lastly, Ill be spending 24 hours in Barcelona, similar to what I did in Dublin last year. Maybe, I'll come back wanting to learn Spanish as well.

"Martini Mike's is closed for business"

On a side note, it appears that I will be moving once again in the next two months. The house I am living in that has become my palace over the last year looks like it will sell imminently. I was bummed this morning but I am now feeling more that it will be just another step. I have moved about 13 times in the last 10 years, what is one more time?


  1. You turn 30 two days after me!! :) my big party will be on your birthday, and I, like you, am now wondering how I'll find it! Ha ha

  2. I am trying to embrace 30 as much as possible. I feel like I am 24. Can you believe it as been 15 years since the AOL days?!?

  3. Oops I meant "fund" it!! I'm actually kind of looking forward to turning 30. Age is just a number, especially in the heart of a dreamer-type! I can't believe it's been 15 years!! Half my life!