Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The bit of the week

Ten notes into my new blog and I am finally feeling I am developing my own writing style. I really wish that I would have stuck with writing facebook notes in law school. I wonder how far this could have progressed? Of course I can say that about guitar playing and tennis. These activities have developed into my main interest and hobbies but I feel I am well behind.
In the next few notes I am going to try different formats to try to entertain and help evolve my writing style. Today, I will start with a positive aspect in my life. I feel writing some good things that have happened recently will help in taking a more optimistic view on life. Of course, who doesn't like to brag a bit too? I'm basically taking what everyone does in their status updates and transferring it into a note. Secondly, I will write about something that is bothering me in hopes of finding a remedy and getting feedback from others. Lastly, I will write the bit of the week. This is what I have already been doing. I will be taking life situations and applying them to my thoughts and experiences. I'm really trying develop a style that breaks away from my Seinfeld and Carlin influence. This will likely be the hardest, so if you read this, bare with me.

The last two and half months have been equivalent to life on the road, even though I have remained in the same town. Its been an adventure. I've managed to bounce around from house sitting for friends, to a relative's house, to hotels. Someone said to me and I cant even remember who, "you really need to find your own place". Well no shit!! Stability is always nice. I really dislike when people state the obvious. I feel the last 2 1/2 months has helped me build major character. If I wanted to commit to a mediocre job in a field I don't want to work in, I would have never left my apartment in NODA. I am very proud of my persistence and I feel I will look back on this time as a major progression into the next phase of my life.

Why does it always seem that women decide to turn on guys for no apparent reason? I heard Maxwell says this recently. I don't feel that I am making a generalization. It seems to starts in middle school or around the beginning of adolescence. Two girls will be friends and then suddenly turn on each other and stop associating. As adults. it still happens. I feel I am very mild tempered, considerate and loyal. Over the past year alone, I've been turned on for seemingly small occurrences of nothing at all! I have becoming better at looking past imperfections and seeing people for who they are. However, I feel my imperfections are what I am judged by and my good qualities are overlooked. Maybe, I am looking for too much positive reinforcement or I am just associating myself with the wrong people. It takes someone with a strong character to possess these traits. I really hope that I am developing them. This is passive aggressive behavior at its worst.
I would love to hear a female perspective.

I am a type A with the excepting of organization. Some of these view points may seem extreme and of course I would entertain view points less anal than mine. Recently, I have been late for view different appointments. Some minor and in particular, one major. I was so disappointed in myself that it bothered me for several days. Tardiness is unacceptable. If somebody showed up late to a job interview they would likely not get the job. When I schedule a date, tennis match or get together, I am extremely annoyed when the other person shows up late. I would expect at minimum a call or text with an explanation. The concept of being fashionable late is ridiculous. I am one of the people that shows up at party on time. If I have a party that starts at 7, I meant for the party to start at 7 not 7:30 or 8. These are a few common social situations and what I feel should be the proper time etiquette.

Job interview- 5-10 minutes early. Make sure you know the location of the office building and parking before arriving. Be there early, even if it means sitting in the parking for a few extra minutes. Don't show up at the office too early and sit in the lobby for a half hour. I am sure this makes everyone feel a bit uncomfortable.

Sporting Event- In seat 10 minutes before kickoff or tip. In tennis, show up while the players are warming up. If there is a fly by, make sure you are in your seat with time to spare. Be in your seats before the national anthem. If a Canadian team is playing, don't miss OH Canada. Never walk in front of someone at the beginning of the event.

Date- Both men and women are required to show up 3-5 minutes prior. This applies to both meeting someone at their house or in public. I don't believe in making someone wait as some sort of dating chess move. Save that for text messages and phone calls please.

Office Meeting-10 minutes early. Only less depending on the flexibility of attending the meeting. Leave enough time to drink coffee and bullshit.

Party- On time. 

Written September 19, 2009 

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