Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Recession has ended

Today marked a monumental moment in my progression into adulthood. At around 11 Am, I purchased luggage at the JT Maxx on South Boulevard. (Anyone who read my first note knows that my lack of luggage resulted in the questioning my quarter life existence). To my dismay, no sirens, bells, whistles or strobe lights were presents to signify the moment. However, this seems to be the climax from my assent from my lowest point of 2009. I declare this moments the end of my personal recession.
In July, I was plagued with job insecurity, dating woes, questionable friendships and a seemingly downward spiral into quarter-life. I nearly conceded to failure in Charlotte by abandoning my apartment and moving a truckload of furniture to Cleveland. Although I am planning on sitting for the Ohio Bar Exam in February, if I don't land a gig in my field by the November deadline, I have a very optimistic outlook on the potential of remaining in Charlotte indefinitely.
The Buddha observed four signs of suffering that led to his quest for inner peace: A sick man, A corpse, an old fuck and an ascetic. I am admittedly years away from obtaining a sense of enlightenment but I did observe three sights today that may prove the possibility of tranquillity on earth or at least in South Charlotte

1. A smile from the Hispanic women at Dunkin Donuts.
What a rarely to actually get a sincere smile from a quick service employee. It wasn't a fake half grin like I get from most workers at Starbucks or a sigh of annoyance I usually get when I ask for a side of honey mustard at Burger King. It felt genuine.
I like to think she was acknowledging my youthful appearance but I honestly think this women was appreciative of her employment and potentially at peace with herself. The twinkle in her eye and her imperfect smile really gave me a warm feeling inside. Who knows, maybe she is just incredible at customer service. Regardless, I may make that DD my coffee stop of choice. I never thought a simple smile could have such a positive effect on my day.

2. A teenager gave high sign when I let him merge into traffic-
Every generation says the youth of America is ruining society. From drugs to sex to earrings and tattoos. I am not sure what will define this upcoming generation but after today, I know they will make an impact on American History. Barack wasn't wasting his breath earlier this week addressing our youth. A lesser teen might have just nodded. The raising of the hand might represent the passing of the torch to a new generation of respectively Yoots.

3. A man gave a courtesy jog while I was crossing in front of TJ Maxx-
Noting is worse than a man or women who takes their time walking from the parking lot into a store. They obviously know we are waiting for them. The nerve of those who don't even acknowledge our existent. I would accept a wave from an elder, a cripple and even a man or women with bad knees. However, I feel that an able bodied person should pick up their pace of at least give that illusion when a car is impeding upon them at a store or cross walk. Maybe this is just a small act of sincerity. Or maybe, just maybe this little extra effort can save this county billions of dollars on health care by reducing the number of fat asses on our streets! Hmmmm, maybe a topic for my next note!

Written: September 12, 2009

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