Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The insignificant significant

I would like thank everyone for the great feedback I have received since beginning to write these "notes". I really appreciate the people who have contacted me privately with suggestions and for my personal well being.
I've had several notes in a row that may have came off cynical, so I've decided to make this entry more upbeat and even sentimental. Contrary to what my Dad says, I'm not always a cynical little prick.
Thanks to a suggestion, I thought I would simply write a note that is the exact opposite of my last. Hence, the insignificant significant. These are five moment is my life that I gave zero point zero significance to when they occurred but over the years have had great impacton my life.

I. Frequent visits to Tremont (1982-1995)
When my Grandmother passed just prior to law school beginning at Cleveland-Marshall in 2006, I had the opportunity to live in the century home lived in by three generations of my family. (me being the fourth). The house was full of family history. It wasn't a bad party crib either!I have lived in several different cities and neighborhoods over the past several years, none of which had the rich history ofTremont in Cleveland. The frequent trips my family took to this house seemed very insignificant growing up. At a young age I couldn't appreciate the history and culture of the neighborhood. At that point, I thought Uniontown was a pretty cool place. ha. I never thought the tours of old neighborhood would turn into the place I most identify with as a young adult. I didn't know about the neighborhoods large Eastern European influence, a hugh part of my heritage. I never comprehended the history behind the West Side Market and many other landmarks in the area. I have developed an unbelievably great admiration for Cleveland. If it wasn't for the gray skies, large amounts of snow and non existent industry, I would have never left!

II. College and Law School Commencement (2004, 2008)
I remember thinking in 2004, do I really need to go to commencement? It seems like a hugh waste of time. I'll go out to the horseshoe, sit out in the blazing sun and listen to a speaker that I am likely to forget about in a few days. I thought this would be a rather insignificant but it has turned out to be the most memorable day I had at OSU. It was definitely the most significant moment I had at Ohio Stadium. Well, commencement and nearly getting arrested for alledgedly attempting steal a fold out chair and a hot dog sign asfreshman. Oddly, I sat in the vicinity of three or four students that I graduated with at Lake. Pretty crazy considering 30,000 other students graduated the same day. It is true that I forgot who gave the commencement speach. I don't remember where I went to dinner afterwards and I missed the playing of the Alma Mater because I was getting a soft pretzel from the concession stand. However, I can't imagine how regretful I would have been if I did not attend. This should never had made this list b/c I should have seen the significance while it occured. When I grauduated for law school, missing commencement never crossed mind.

III. George Carlin, Back in New York (mid 1990's)
This girl I was talking to last week had the nerve to tell me it was sad that I considered George Carlin as one of my biggest influences. The first George Carlin special I ever watched was Live in NY. In this act, he talked about stuff I could relate to at 13, such as the airline safety lecture bit and common everyday occurrences that happen all the time and no one generally talks about. However, it was this first HBO special that turned me on to Carlin's act and career. His life story is fascinating and his act is legendary. I've heard a good stand up comedian can generally develop a solid hour of material in their entire career. George Carlin did it every couple of years. His observations on the flaws of religion, politics and the "pusification" of American culture are a direct influence of my political satire and distaste for certain institutions. His dick and fart jokes aren't that bad either. Any given day, I am likely to reference George Carlin's stand up. The Seinfeld Show and The Stern Show are the only other shows or acts that I can say this about. I had the privilege of seeing Carlin on my birthday my sophomore year at Ohio State. Awesome. Shit, Piss, Cunt, Fuck. Cocksucker, Mother Fucker and Tits. And I didn't forget about turd, fart and twat. RIP George

IV. Getting hired at The Hyatt on Capital Square- (2002)
Getting a college job seemed like a pretty insignificant moment. It wasn't like I had landed a job at Caesar's Palace. I got a job parking cars!! However, The Hyatt was my first job working in the city. City and urban living as become very important to me. Over the two years I was there, I did drive a lot of awesome cars. I met Jerry Springer and Ric Flair. I got to see Arnold up close shortly after he became the governor of California. Jim Courier, Christina Augulara, Justin Timberlake, The USA Soccer Team. It was all pretty cool but seeing famous people wasn't what was significant. It was the crazy work ethic I developed. I was named employee of the month after my second month, a major award! I was promoted to shift manager shortly there after. Im sure, I missed some good times in college while I working my ass off. However, I do not think I would have been prepared for the vigor of law school or have developed the crazy discipline I have if it wasn't for the Hyatt. When I went back to Columbus in 07, it was actually the only place I went back to visit. I never imagined that parking cars would had such a postive impact on my career.

V. Religion 101 @ Mount Union
Mount Union! If one good thing came out my experience there, it was that I became a great student and am independent thinker. I should have learned this somewhere else and I never should have spent the ridiculous high tuition at Mount, but that is another story. Liberal Arts Colleges have awesome prereq courses. I figured it would take the entire college experience as a whole to enhance my worldly knowledge. I never anticipated that one class would change my entire theological prospective. Religion 101 with Ivory Lyons taught me to start questioning everything. Before, taking this class, I had never learned to explore alternative view points nor did I know that by doing so, it would help develop my own. I actually considered myself Christian at one point. (yes, it's true!!) Religion 101 helped learn about all religions, accept everyones own beliefs and steer away from ever conforming to any particular religion. It allowed me to open my mind up and take an objective approach to viewing any subject or situation. This was one class that was well worth 500 bucks a credit hour! I can't say that about flag football! 

Written: September 7, 2009 

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