Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lake High School Class of 2000 Virtual Reunion

I am officially caught up in the hoopla of the Lake High School 2000 Reunion page. In a few short weeks, the page has attracted 110+ members. (roughly 1/3 of the graduating class) I have even thrown into the mix my two cents!! To date, the prevailing idea for the reunion appears to be a family event during the day followed by a reception at night. In my opinion, these proposed ideas are the best and most manageable but unfortunately are flawed.
To solve potential conflicts of interest, I am proposing that the class reunion be conducted exclusively on Facebook. Stick with me, although this isn't meant to be a legitimate suggestion, I think the idea actually makes sense.
If 110 graduates show up at the high school reunion, it will be highly successful. Facebook would provided a built in audience and wouldn't require plane tickets, hotel rooms, awkward conversations and months of preparation. Someone could simply set up a group event with one of those icons that shows up on the corner of Facebook. You know, the link that everyone deletes or ignores? I think it would be easy to get past that problem by cleverly entitling the invitation something like, It's that time already or Can you believe 10 years came so quickly!
Before the day of the Facebook reunion, a picture page should be set up on the main page. . This way before the reunion everyone involved can post pictures of their kids, pets, house, job location, ect.... Kind of like people already do on Facebook. These pictures will make it very easy for Moms and Dads to post pics of their little ones, without exposing them to alcohol fueled glory day conversations and painful plane rides that will likely piss off a few cranky travelers in coach. The other pictures will answer the inevitable awkward and annoying question, "so, what do you for a living now." should sponsor the event. This website provides a virtual bar. I'm pretty sure it was designed for horny older men to creep out younger girls but it works perfect for a HS reunion. It gives me the ability to send a virtual beer from Charlotte anywhere in the county. All of the people I still talk to will be able to know that I appreciate their years of friendship and all the girls I had the hots for 10 years ago will know I appreciated them helping me get through sophomore American History. As an option, you can actually sit at the computer and make the drinks on your own that you receive. My guess is alcohol will be needed even to get through a virtual reunion.
Web cams are optional. Anyone who doesn't want people to see that they have gained weight or went bald (cough cough) can simple not choose this option. Furthermore, if you don't want to see someone you will not be forced to look at them. For the people who once said, "I never wish to see Mike C. again," your wish is only a mouse click away!
In closing, I wish to say that I am really looking forward to going to the reunion. It will be great to see all my friends I don't see very often and to see all the people I grew up with. It wasn't all that bad after all. 

Written: August 11, 2009 

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