Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Its official, I've hit the quarter life crisis

 I haven't wrote any blogs or notes in a really long time. I have wrote a lot of blogs over the years but I always end up deleting them b/c I didnt like what I said or b/c I didn't want certain people to read them. I am starting again b/c I think I have really hit the quarter life crisis stage and I know from my personal conversations, a lot of people my age are going through the same experience. I've decided to delete anyone on my facebook that I wouldn't feel comfortable reading this. Its not personal, but if I don't feel comfortable with you reading my notes, you probably aren't close enough to me to be my facebook friend.
I am going to start off really slow today with a seemingly insignificant post. I want to ease back into this but I also want to express how a minor topic can contribute to my struggling identity. I had to pack for a trip to Ohio this weekend to conduct my character and fitness interview for the bar exam. (more on this later) I think this is the first time I have ever had to fly and pack a suit. Issue: I am still carrying a bag (not a suitcase) that I have been carrying for probably the last 5 years. Essentially, a bag that a college student would haul his or her shit back from school with. I tried to come up the best packing solution for about 15 minutes before I came up with a brilliant idea!!! Ill just wear the suit on the plane!!! Maybe, its time to buy luggage. It just seems though with a car payment, medical bills, student loans payments, rent, credit cards and a dwindling social life that luggage is the last thing I need to spend money on.
Buying luggage seems insignificant, yet it is one of the issues I deal with everyday that brings me to the realization that I am growing up and that I need to start reinventing myself and making more grown up decisions. Maybe, Ill actually rethink wearing a t-shirt out to dinner this weekend. 

Written: August 6, 2009 

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