Friday, November 6, 2009

The lifer, the returner and the drifter (Director's Cut)

After high school people that grow up in small towns may fall into three groups with subcategories: Lifers, drifters and returners. Everyone heavily or loosely falls into one of these categories that grew up in suburbia.

1. Lifer-
A. The extremist
The extreme lifer is already planning to become a community adult the day after high school graduation. They've already dismissed college or do a semester stint at the local community college. He/she likely will marry the first person they sleep with and spawn children way too early for their own good. The athlete lifer goes to every high school game and establishes personal relationships with their old coaches. Lifers are die hard fans of the state university's football team even though they never attended the college and maybe have never been to the college town. This person can't wait to mortgage a house and commit to unnecessary responsibilities to conform to their perceived community standards.

B. Lifer by necessity
A lifer by necessity doesn't have any ultimate goal after high school. They usually stay close with a group of friends and continue to drink with them regularly for years. They often become regulars at local bars in their twenties. The guys and girls usually end up rotating dating partners or end up fooling around with each member of the group eventually. The guy's main accomplishment is their best fuck and the girls lust over the local badass.  Some of them go to local universities and community colleges but never establish a new group of contacts. The furthest the lifer by necessity has traveled is to Myrtle Beach or the closest casino. He/she generally expresses disdain for the community and often says,"I need to get out of this town," even though everybody know they aren't going anywhere.

2. The Returner
A. Major Universities Returners-
This person leaves to an attend a university of college further away in the state or in a close neighboring state but returns home after graduation. He or she may stay in the city they attended school for a few years after graduation but ultimately will return home or near their home. When they return, they often revert to a life style similar to an extreme lifer. This group is likely to marry their college sweethearts. They exact location may be choose based on their proximity to either spouse's home town

B. Traveling Returner-
The traveling returner hatches a plan to live in a major or trendy US City after college. They generally talk obsessively about Chicago or New York and the major advantages of life in The Windy City or The Big Apple. They usually don't last long but the stories of their time in the city are endless. Again, there is a potential to revert to a lifer's lifestyle but  they are more likely to delay making a decisions to marry young or buy a house.

3. The Drifter
A. The Bitter Drifter
Whether it's because of a bad family upbringing or unpleasant childhood experiences, the bitter drifter wants absolutely nothing to do with their hometown. He/she has the wherewithal to leave the town and establish a new life. This drifter doesn't post profiles on social networks and doesn't return home. They are the most likely to chase an often unattainable dream such as becoming an actor or actress.

B. The drifter with ties.
The drifter with ties leaves town and wants everyone to know they have a new wonderful life. He or she will often post status reports boosting about the weather or culture of their new residence. He or she post picture of themselves in places like the Grand Canon, Las Vegas or Europe.  This drifter knows about current issues in their hometown and remain close with people that live in their old town. The guy drifters still face stalk old high school girls, search for bikini pictures and single relationship tags in desperate hopes of a future casual courtship.

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