Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wanted: SWMP

Well, I didn't think I would write another note this soon but I have about an hour to kill this morning. I arrived in Ohio around 7 last night and stayed at my folk's house. I have an extra hour to spare this morning because I woke up waaay to damn early! I am heading down to Columbus for the Ohio Bar Character and Fitness interview later this morning. I managed to wake up before my mom, dad and dog. They are all known to be early risers. I call my parents the Seinfeld's, mostly b/c of their ability to bicker at each other and not be on the same topic, wake up ass early on weekends and holidays and not realize their house is 90 degrees before turning on the air conditioning.
Last year someone told me I acted older than 26. It pissed me off. It actually fueled my New Year's resolution. I, Mike, will sleep until 8 Am EVERYDAY. I could have succeeded if I made a resolution to work out more, lay off fast food or work harder finding a permanent job. However, I only made it 2 weeks before being back to waking up early again. I began to think this was another product of being a mid-twenty some but then I remembered waking up at 6 Am to be at the Hyatt in college. I actually really enjoyed it. It doesn't make me freakin old!!
Two paragraphs to set up the main point of this note! Whenever I do start dating again, (I'm currently retired) I am going to have to date a Morning Person. Now, I don't mean someone who wants to wake up and talk about the theory of relativity over english muffins. Just someone who likes to wake up early and get their day started. Of course waking up early usually means going to bed early. I don't think Christina Ricci could keep my attention at 2 AM. I need my SLEEP!
Chris Rock once said something like this, "You ain't going to find someone who likes the Wu Tang Clan and Seinfeld, its just not going to happen."
I can get beyond someone not liking Alice in Chains and Curb Your Enthusiasm but a Night Owl? Total deal breaker! 

Written: August 7, 2009 

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