Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An introduction of Mike

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1. I wear a ring with dialog from The Crow on my right ringer finger everyday.

2. I have two half Sleeve Tattoos and a back piece that extends from my shoulders to the middle of my back..

3. I have ate tuna mixed with white rice nearly everyday for 10 + years.

4. My favorite color is Black.. (even though Black isn't a really a color). My Car is black, my furniture is black and the majority of my clothing is black.

5. I was an extremely insecure athlete in high school.

6. My #1 celebrity crushes have included Mya, (the pop singer) Amy Lee and Christina Ricci.

7. My favorite all time movie is Point Break.. TV show, The Shield and Band STP

8. I've seen over 75 live concerts including, Scott Weiland bands 5 times, Motley Crue 4 times, Tantric 3 times, Van Halen twice and Pearl Jam once.. (I told Eddie Vedder, "nice set" afterwards)

9. The 4 cities I contemplated living in after law school were, Charlotte, Cleveland, Las Vegas and Toronto. Obviously Charlotte won...
10. I listen to the Howard Stern Show in its entirety everyday and have been listening to show since I first began to drive.

11. I have a weird obsession with Wednesday Adams.

12. I majored in Criminology in College and went to Law School strictly to become a criminal lawyer.

13. I am a hugh fan of Cult Horror and B Horror Movies, I think the best job ever would to be a horror movie make-up artist.

14. I competed in a bodybuilding contest my Junior year of college.

15. I am one of the few guys out there who really isn't into sports. I know what is going on in the sports world but rarely watch sporting events. (I really dug the Superbowl this year)

16. I shaved my head for the first time on my high school senior trip and have kept it completely shaved since my freshman year in college. (If I could have one wish, it would be to have Rock Star Hair)!

17. I have over $600 invested into playing fake guitar.

18. My long time nickname, Coretez, is a combination of my favorite STP album and my potential professional wrestling stage name.

19. The thing I miss most about Cleveland is having lunch with my Dad at Southside and kicking in on Friday night at The Garage Bar.

20. I once scored 39 points against State Street in a Middle School Basketball game. (This is my Al Bundy Story)

21. I am a self proclaimed Seinfeld expert and I claim to be able to quote half the SERIES

22. Ive attended five different colleges and law schools (Mount Union, Ohio State, Thomas M Cooley, Michigan State and Cleveland State)

23. My favorite Actor is Johnny Depp and Favroite Actress is Christina Ricci

24. Vegas has me as 2-1 odds to be named 2009 Bachelor of the Year.

25. My official theme song is Velvet Revolver "Slither" 

Written: February 2, 2009 and edited November 5, 2009 

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