Thursday, November 5, 2009


    This is the indefinite home for my blog until I start my own website. I have the intention of starting a website in 2010 once I develop some sort of concept outside of a blog.  The writing I do here is going to be different from the facebook notes I have been posting. I will post the facebook notes on here but not vice versa.  It will be more narrative, raw and unedited.  Admittedly, I am not very good grammatical writer or at minimum a work in progress. When I write knowing I have an audience of at least two, it takes a lot of effort on my part to articulate what I am saying and to make it sound educated. Oddly, I think professional legal writing is easier. 
    The logic behind posting a more personal and opinionated blog on a blog website is there isn't a built in audience.  There isn't going to be a link starting anyone in the face when they glare at their home page. I figure that anyone that visits this site will be genuinely interested in my life and what I am saying.  I won't have to worry about offending Susie and that I went to high school that really doesn't care or relate to anything I am saying. I always felt a little self conscious about writing personal introspective material knowing that some shallow person would be reading it and judging me based on it alone.  This will change that! 
   For the first and only time I will apologize for misspelled words, grammatical error, slang ect.... Anyone who comes across this and really cares that much can go fuck themselves anyway.  Lastly, I generally avoid touchy subject, mainly religion and politics on Facebook. I won't be censoring subject matter on here. I plan to call out religious nuts and political incompetents. 
  The tentative title for the blog is Overcoming Wednesday. I think it will likely stick because the phrase has a lot of meaning in my battle to conquer mental health and mature as an adult.   I will provide a complete explanation for this title in a subsequent entry.  Thanks for being on board.  Maybe, Ill work on a catchy sign off phrase, but for now its just Take Care.  M 

Written: November 5, 2009 
Album: Boston, Greatest Hits 

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